Gated Retirement Communities Keep Baby Boomers Safe And Secure

There was a time not so long ago in the US, where if you wanted to retire and move to one of the secure gated retirement communities that you had seen on the television, that you had to move to Florida or Arizona. That is not the case anymore, and you can find all kinds of baby boomer retirement communities in many parts of the US.

The gated communities are becoming more and more popular with baby boomers these days for a couple of reasons. Because the retirement communities look so similar to other communities that are in the neighborhood, many people think nothing of driving through the retirement community on their way to somewhere else.

This can create a lot of traffic that you don’t really need or want to have around your home. And in some communities which are covered by particular rules and regulations, you are allowed to drive an electric cart or golf cart on the roadways themselves. If you have other vehicles that are not aware of this practice, you may find a potential for more traffic accidents.

A gate at the front entrance to the community is wonderful idea to alleviate this issue.

Living in a gated adult community can also help a lot in terms of regular security concerns. It’s not exactly like living inside a castle or Fort Knox or a place like that, but when there is a security booth out front and a gate which is controlled by a security code; it can go a long way to helping you feel safe in your home.

And unfortunate part of life, these days, is that even though baby boomers may think themselves invulnerable, they still get attacked and robbed more frequently than almost any other demographic group. You can’t make all those dangers go away, of course, but by living in a facility that has a gate on it, you can significantly cut down on the amount of crime that is opportunistic in nature.

That means, the kind of crime that bad people just decide to commit on the spur of the moment without planning in advance. So many property crimes are committed on the spur of the moment; that if you do anything to send a message that you live in a secure place your chances of being a victim of one of these crimes is reduced significantly.

As a baby boomer thinking about housing options as you near retirement age, you might think that living in one of the gated retirement communities may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for an extra feeling of safety and security, this kind of development is hard to beat.

The Coming of Peace and Security

It was used in a speech that closely followed the 9/11 attacks by then President Bush, when he mentioned the phrase three times. The president used it several more times during the rest of his administration; then Candidate Obama also used the phrase three times in a post-election speech in 2008. Since then the phrase “peace and security” has been used repeatedly by the president, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (who used the terms twenty-three times each in a twenty-minute speech several months ago), Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, U.N. Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon, and other world leaders. With the increasing use of that phrase, found in the end-times verse of 1 Thessalonians 5:3, we can see that we are approaching the fulfillment of end-times Bible prophecy.

In 1 Thessalonians 5, where the phrase “peace and security” is found, the apostle Paul (who wrote it) presents a stark contrast. In verse 2 of that chapter, Paul proclaims that the world will be caught off guard by “the day of the Lord” (verse 3), as he announces that “the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night”. Certainly, the success of a thief is based on catching his victim by surprise, which means, of course, that the victim does not expect the thief to come.

The use of “the day of the Lord” and its connection with the coming “wrath” (1 Thessalonians 5:9; compare, also, 1 Thessalonians 1:10 with 5:1-11) shows that Paul is referring to the future era in which God will pour out His judgment upon an unbelieving world (see Isaiah 13:6-13; Zephaniah 1:14-15; etc.). In putting other Biblical clues together, we can see that, more specifically, this refers to a future seven-year period which will begin with the initiation of a seven-year treaty with Israel and will culminate with the return of Christ to the earth.

In 1 Thessalonians 5, Paul elaborates on his warning of the world being caught off guard by the day of the Lord as a “thief in the night.” For example, in verse 3 he states: “For when they say, ‘Peace and safety!’ then sudden destruction comes upon them,.. And they shall not escape.” The Greek word translated as “safety” in this verse is also the word for “security,” which would be a better translation here. Thus, this verse reveals that a time is coming when world leaders will proclaim that they have finally achieved “peace and security.”

Yet, when they proclaim, “peace and security,” “sudden destruction comes upon them… and they shall not escape.” Based on verse 2 (the word “for” [the Greek word gar] in verse 3 shows that it is an elaboration of verse 2), the world will be completely caught off guard by this “sudden destruction [that] comes upon them”.

The greatest way for the world to be caught off guard by the “sudden destruction” that comes upon it is by being lulled into the belief it has achieved “peace and security”. If the world was still experiencing rising terrorism at that point, there would be an expectation of an attack that could bring “sudden destruction”; and with that expectation, there would be preparation. However, the scenario presented in verses 2 and 3 indicate that the world will believe, at that point, that terrorism has been defeated.

To get to that point, something dramatic will need to occur to “eliminate” terrorism. For example, if Israel were to attack Iran, the Iranian opposition movement might use the resulting chaos of that strike to topple the Iranian regime. This would then remove the world’s greatest threat and the biggest supporter of terrorism in the world and could very well prepare the environment for a treaty with Israel. Then, when the world sees serious progress toward a treaty with the Jewish nation, then the world will believe it has finally achieved peace and security. In fact, there are many world leaders today (particularly European and Arab leaders) who believe that a Middle East treaty with Israel will solve the world’s terrorism problems.

This statement of peace and security in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 is similar to the statement of “peace” by the religious leaders of Jeremiah’s day in these verses: ” ‘… and from the prophet even to the priest, everyone deals falsely…. saying, “Peace, peace!” when there is no peace” (Jeremiah 6:13-14); “… from the prophet even to the priest everyone deals falsely… saying, ‘Peace, peace!’ when there is no peace” (Jeremiah 8:10-11).

Notice in these verses that Israel’s religious leaders were proclaiming peace though there was no real peace. But they were not just talking about its possibility, they were proclaiming its reality. They were saying that Israel had achieved peace with its enemies, and the people bought into it, being lulled into a false sense of peace. A similar scenario will occur when world leaders will proclaim “peace and security.” But then, destruction will hit suddenly, “and they will not escape.”

That the phrase “peace and security” is falling from the lips of world leaders with ever-increasing intensity tells us we may not be far away from the time in which leaders believe they have achieved “peace and security” at long last. This should also be a signal to Christians that the appearing of Christ may be sooner than we may think.

Annuities Are Boring – They Are Safe and Secure

There are many types of annuities on the market and it may be confusing to a potential annuity buyer to find the best annuity for their particular needs. Annuities are boring however, they can be safe and secure for your retirement money.

Safety of Principal

Many people want to make sure their retirement nest egg is there when they need it. Fixed and indexed annuities guarantee your principal without any fees to do so. Now, you will not get rich with these annuities by any means but you will not lose your accumulated value either. Most of these annuity terms range between 5-10 years in length.


All deferred annuities offer various forms of liquidity. Some of these annuities allow for up to 10% penalty free withdrawals every year for the life of the contract. You may also be able to take out interest only from these annuities without incurring any penalties. Fixed, indexed, and variable annuities allow you to take an income regardless of how many years you live, this is called annuitization. You can also choose different annuitization options or length of payments. Some people want to annuitize their policies for only 10 years, other want lifetime income.

Immediate annuities allow you to choose how long you want your payments to be made. You have many options including 10 years only or 10 years and life. Some people choose the life only option will pay you an income for as long as you live. Check with an expert for quotes.

Probate Avoidance

All deferred annuities avoid probate. Your money or accumulated value will pass on to your heirs and they cannot contest your wishes. Some annuity owners prefer to have their accumulated value paid out yearly or monthly to their beneficiaries but most owners allow for 100% distributions to their heirs.

Tax-Deferred Growth (Deferred Annuities Only)

Investors have two choices. You can pay taxes on your money or you can choose to defer paying taxes on your money. If you are not using your money, why pay taxes on it? A deferred annuity solves this problem because your gains are not taxed as income. Certificate of deposits require you to pay taxes which decreases your yield on the CD.

As you can see, annuities are boring but they offer safety and security to the policy holder. Consult with a qualified annuity expert who will recommend the best annuity for your particular situation.

Solar Spot and Security Lights – Adding Accents To Your Home Without The Long Haul Cost

Solar Spot and Security Lights

Most spot and security lights require an electrical connection to turn on. Every time those turn on, dollar bills are neatly exiting your pocket. Where motion detection lights are utilized, any time a cat or an animal turns those lights on, guess what? More money is being spent to activate that light. The best option would be to replace those electricity reliant lights into solar powered items.

Solar spot and security lights allow us to provide safety and security in currently dim or unlit areas, but most importantly in areas where electricity is not available. We now have the realistic option for easy installation of these solar powered lights as opposed to having to run ground wires from an electrical source that may or not be nearby.

Solar powered lights are connected via a cord to the solar panel. They are also easy to install since you don’t need any wiring or require an electrician to set the unit up. Here are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing spot and security lights:

· The lights includes LED bulbs. LED bulbs will help create a bright illumination through the use, helping to illuminate the areas that you expect it to light up.

· The longer the cord between the light and the solar panel the better. This will give you the flexibility of placement. However, many of the units have a solar panel right atop the fixture. In this instance, the lights would need to be placed in direct sunlight to maximize exposure to sunlight.

· Adjustable light sensitivity is another option that benefits the unit and you in the long run. Being able to adjust your light from will help control the usage of the unit within a specific or required space.

· Make sure that the solar spot and security lights actually runs off of rechargeable batteries.

· If available, opt for the lights that allow you to adjust daylight sensitivity. This will help maintain full charge for the evening.

· The units need to be weatherproof, especially if it is in an area that will be exposed to the elements. If it’s not weatherproof, you risk investing in something that will fail you during the first rain or snowstorm.

These solar spot and security lights are perfect for any area around your home such as your backyard, walkway, driveway, garage, or front yard. Whether you require this for an added safety measure, a theft deterrent, or to increase your visibility during the night, this is definitely an investment worth every penny spent.

It’s time to start improving the safety and security of your home. Come and visit us at to view our selection of solar spot and security lights design and quality that is not available at your local retail store. Make the investment in your home that you will not only be proud to display, but will make economic and ecologic sense for the long term.

Travel With Prepaid Visa Card For Safety and Security

If you have students traveling to college or abroad this year Prepaid Credit cards provide a convenient method for sending your child money for monthly expenses such as food, clothing, housing, books or school supplies. The advantages of a PrePaid Visa Card in this application are convenience, Visa is an accepted form of payment at thousands of merchants and service providers, the student learns to work within a monthly budget and there is no chance of damaging their future credit by using traditional credit cards.

PrePaid Visa Cards work like a standard bank debit card, but they are not connected to an actual bank account. You load the card with a certain amount of money and then you can spend up to that amount whenever you use it.

Since the card is prepaid you cant overdraft so if you do run out of money the card will simply be denied rather than go through and accrue penalty fees from a bank. Unlike a typical store gift card a prepaid Visa card can be used anywhere where a normal Visa card is accepted including over one million ATMs worldwide. When your card is running low on funds you can always add additional money through a number of different deposit methods.

An added benefit of prepaid Visa cards is they are great for budgeting. You can allocate a certain amount of money on your card for specific purposes. For instance, you can deposit the money for your bills on the card at the start of the month; this is a great option since most major companies will let you pay by credit card on the web or over the phone. That way you wont have to worry about sending it in since you can transfer the funds automatically when the time is right. This also works quite well in reverse. If you prefer you can just put the extra money for fun money you have at the end of the month on the card. This way you can set limits for yourself for spending on more important things such as food, entertainment, electronics, travel, etc. You might think of prepaid cards as allowance for adults.

This is why it makes great sense for parents with children who are college students. You can help your children learn to manage their money properly through allocated funds or send them money instantly in case of an emergency without having to pay to send it over the wire. The card comes with the option to view transactions allowing parents to see what sort of things their kids are spending the money on without requiring them to save receipts.

PrePaid Visa cards are safer than carrying cash. If money gets lost or stolen you are pretty much out of luck, but if your Prepaid Visa card vanishes you can report it and have account locked. All Visa credit cards come with the Visa Zero Liability policy which means that your money is protected. If someone tries to use your card after you’ve reported it as missing then you won’t be responsible for any charges.

There are even special cards designed for international travel. The prepaid Visa TravelMoney card automatically converts your money to whatever currency you’re dealing with so there is no standing around waiting at the bank. The card can be used at over 25 million locations worldwide as well as at international ATMs. Emergency card replacement are available anywhere in the world, you will receive a new card in approximately one business day.

Woman’s Safety and Security – Be Ready for Dangerous Situations!

Most of us gals have been in situations where let’s just say, we would like to have had some heavy backup. I myself was close to being raped or worse that I know of at least three times. Once was interrupted by my present husband before we were married but another one no one was around but I had a strong dose of pepper spray that did the trick at the time. These days I carry something a little more high-powered when I know I will be unattended. I won’t get into more of my personal preferences but I am better prepared for trouble!

It is crucial for women to always be on guard against dangerous situations. Numerous women are raped, assaulted and murdered in the US every year. It is therefore imperative to remain vigilant otherwise you risk being listed among the grim statistics. Crime happens swiftly and mostly without warning. Lack of preparation is what differentiates the victors from the victims. Women are never supposed to let their guard down even in the face of impending peril. No matter your age, size or physique, you must be aware of how to avoid dangerous situations and defend yourself when the need arises.

One of the first safety precautions women should take is to notify someone of where they are headed to and for how long they will be there. Ensure it is someone who cares for you and will call to check if everything is alright. You must also be keen on what is taking place around you. Whether you are out clubbing or at the mall shopping, look around for any signs of danger. Criminals tend to strike when you think you are safe and comfortable. If you have suspicion that someone might be following you, head to a crowded area and ask a guard to escort you outside. It is also helpful to picture yourself in a dangerous situation. For instance, how would you react to mugging attempt? Would you scream, get rooted to the spot or start crying? Once you visualize a dangerous situation, figure out the best weapon you possess. If you have a good pair of lungs, scream your heart out. If you are well-built, defend yourself and if not, run like the wind. Attackers are normally on the lookout for easy pickings and if you display weakness, they will take advantage of it.

Surprise attacks can be the worst experiences for women. Nonetheless, there are ways of protecting yourself against rape or physical assault. First, try calling out a name of someone you know to make the assailant believe you may be with someone. Timing is of the essence when you are confronted by surprise. There is no right or wrong approach to this kind of attack. Anything you possess is a weapon, your purse, shoes, fingernails and teeth should all be utilized effectively. If the assailant has a weapon, be calm and do exactly as they say. Make them think they are in control so they can let their guard down.

Women are more often than not targeted by criminals than their male counterparts. This is based on the assumption that they are easy prey and rarely react fast enough. However, you must not let yourself be counted among the statistics. Always be vigilant and if possible, take self-defense classes for women. Always be alert and confident of your abilities even in the face of danger. There is an array of self defense products for women that are permissible by law. These gadgets can come in handy when you are confronted by unsavory characters anywhere.

Below I have a link set up to professional equipment that I have ordered for myself and my family. I hope I don’t have to use it again but I will have it available when needed!

A Unique Option For Your IRA Or 401(K) – Run to Safety and Security

Gain and Retain, now that is an interesting investment option. How would you like to have the option of only gaining and never losing money? It’s not every day that you find the opportunity for potential growth with true safety in the same financial vehicle.

Normally investors are provided one of two choices, either they give up safety in exchange for a greater potential for growth or they accept less growth in exchange for a higher level of safety. Thanks to an innovation in the insurance industry, you can have the potential high returns available in the stock market and the security of a guarantee, these unique products are called Equity Linked Indexed Annuities.

Equity linked index annuities are solid choices for investors seeking safety in a low interest rate period volatile financial market. They work like this, your return (or amount credited) is based on the increase of a stock or equity index, such as the Standard and Pour’s Stock 500 Index or the Dow Jones Industrial Average If stocks increase, you could benefit from that increase but if stocks fall, you retain your position. You only can do one of two things: Gain or Retain.

Your investment funds in an IRA or 401 (k) would also return the same crediting rate if they were inside of an Equity Linked Indexed Annuity. The IRS allows for these products to be used in retirement accounts. This safety of principal will guarantee you will never lose money nor will your account ever be exposed to risk or loss.

The question which will come to mind is how does an insurance company provide such a product? The answer is simple; most charge a fee which is taken out of part of your crediting. An example could be, your annuity returned 10% and the fee to provide the product is 2%, your net yield would be 8%. But is your account does not Gain, no fee is charged. Your original funds remain intact and are not reduced in value.

Gain or Retain!

Insurance companies offer a wide range of products in this category and many of them do not charge any fee at all. Instead they limit the gross yield available o you. In this scenario, let’s pretend your crediting rate was 10% but the annuity had a cap of 9%, your return would be 9% and no fee would be subtracted. Once again, if the market fell, you do not participate.

The most dynamic feature in Equity Linked Indexed Annuities is the annual Guarantee Reset. This means that each year, whatever gain you have enjoyed by the anniversary of the annuity is now fully locked in and becomes part of the guarantee. Assuming a deposit of $100,000 grows to $110,000 at the end of the first year, that is now your guaranteed minimum. Your funds can never be less that the annual reset guarantee.

Gain or Retain: Consider this safety option when considering the importance of your retirement accounts.

Disclaimer: Due to the complex nature of retirement planning in general, always make certain you obtain proper planning and fully understand how any financial product you may be considering would affect your retirement plans.